Fundraiser for Phoenixville Area Time Bank

Phoenixville Area Time Bank
October 2021
09:00 AM EDT
November 2021
07:00 PM EDT
GOAL $1,500.00
23.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Your support will help us reach more persons in need through our scholarship program for Time Bank memberships. We strive to connect individuals through sharing talents and time, building relationships, and supporting a resilient community.

About Phoenixville Area Time Bank

Phoenixville Area Time Bank is a non-profit organization that enhances people-to-people support to build a fully inclusive, resilient community through a local service exchange network. We exchange talents and time without money, building a virtual helpful neighborhood. Individuals or groups support individuals, our non-profit partners, and business organizations. We value the talents of all persons, supporting social justice, equity, and reducing isolation.
Our Mission:
To connect diverse individuals by facilitating exchanges of each person's equally-valued time and talents, building a generous, supportive and fully inclusive community throughout the Phoenixville area.
Our Vision:
An actively engaged community providing opportunities and resources, fulfilling everyone's needs, wants, and dreams.

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