Otakon 2022 Art Show And Auction

July 2022
12:00 PM EDT
July 2022
09:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Art Show is about showing our appreciation of artwork through originality, free expression, and creativity. Our Artists who are inspired and spark inspiration in others through our understanding, communication, and our love of Asian culture and pop culture. Art Show also represents our passion and incentive of showing off beautiful artwork and a chance for winning bidders to have a keepsake/memento of their time spent at Art Show and at Otakon. Our short-term goal is to keep art show running smoothly, efficiently, and to help our artists continue to create wonderful works of art. Our long-term goal is that Art Show will effectively become a foundation of support for everyone for years to come. Hope to see you at Art Show 2022.

About Otakorp

Otakorp, Inc. is the not-for-profit organization best known for running Otakon, one of the world's premiere gatherings of fandom. It's an educational non-profit that promotes understanding and appreciation of Asian culture, by means of celebrating its popular culture. Otakorp, Inc. wesbite.

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Live Event Information

All are welcome to participate in our exciting Live Auction event held on Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Location is the far northeastern side of Hall A in Art Show. Artwork that receives 6 bids or more will be going to Live Auction. So, if you missed out on your chance for a piece of art in the Silent Auction, you may be able to obtain it in the Live Auction. Please bring your phone and a pen you will be filling out a bid sheet in the Live Auction Event. Hope to see you there.