Moppet Preschool Holiday Silent Auction 2022

Moppet Preschool
December 2022
12:15 AM EST
December 2022
11:45 PM EST
GOAL $1,000.00
107.1% REACHED!

About Our Auction

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the many businesses and individuals who have donated to this auction. Moppet relies on fundraising for general operational support, classroom enhancements and supplies. We are so grateful for this support!

To donate directly to Moppet Preschool please visit

About Moppet Preschool

Moppet Preschool is one of the longest running preschools in Kitchener. Our Centre was founded in 1978 and offers half-day, play-based programming for children between 2 and 5 years old. We are a non-profit organization located in the downtown Kitchener area. Providing children with a stimulating, fun, and gentle introduction to the school environment.

To donate direct to Moppet Preschool please visit

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