Marty Hogan in Mississippi!

Mississippi Racquetball Association
July 2020
06:00 PM CDT
July 2020
06:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

Marty Hogan has been kind enough to offer his services to help us raise some support for our campaign to save Mississippi racquetball and rebuild our courts and new home. We will be auctioning off the items listed in this auction to the highest bidder.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so please do not wait and get your bids in quickly as the auction will not last forever.

All auction proceeds will go towards our campaign. All auction proceeds will be covered under our umbrella of protection and included in our previous promise made publicly that in the extremely unlikely event that we do not build these courts, all donors will have the option to have 100% of their money refunded.

About Mississippi Racquetball Association

The Mississippi Racquetball Association, Inc. (MRA) is trying to raise money for a new home since ours was lost as a result of COVID-19. Please read about our need at the following link and, in addition to participating in this auction, consider giving to our campaign at

The MRA is the Mississippi governing body for the sport of racquetball and is committed to excellence and service to our members. We provide opportunities for members and enthusiasts to actively participate in the sport, through sanctioning of events, administration of programs and development of competitive teams.

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