Mission Zimbabwe Harvest Dinner & Auction 2022

Mission Zimbabwe
October 2022
08:00 AM EDT
November 2022
09:10 PM EST

About Our Auction

This online auction is part of our 13th annual Harvest Dinner and Auction which takes place on Saturday, November 5th to benefit the Village of Hope and Vimbainesu Children’s Home in Zimbabwe. We will also be collecting financial donations to support the Mission Zimbabwe Education Fund. Through this fund we have been able to support 22 students with university and post secondary fees as well as providing funds for internet bundles to help students to continue their education online as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions. These have been challenging years for all charities due to the pandemic. The Harvest Dinner and Auctions will be a very important fund raising event for Mission Zimbabwe as the proceeds will allow us to continue to financially support the children in the upcoming year.

About Mission Zimbabwe

Mission Zimbabwe Is a small community group of volunteers based out of Hope Community Church in Hanover, ON, working to support the Village of Hope and Vimbainesu Children’s Home in Zimbabwe through fundraising events.
Our goals are to:
~ Provide quarterly support to the Village of Hope for education and for the house mothers and children in 9 orphan homes.
~ Provide quarterly support to Vimbainesu Children’s Home for education, nourishing food and the development of self sustaining projects.
~ Promote the sponsorship of children through Child Care Plus.
~ Provide finances to graduates for post secondary education through the Mission Zimbabwe Education Fund.
~ Provide funds for micro financing/youth empowerment loans to graduates.
~ Provide support for the Village of Hope‘s many outreach programs to the surrounding communities and satellite churches.
~ Send short term mission teams to the Village of Hope, Zimbabwe.

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