For the Giftedly Challenged

Mile Hi Optimist Club of Denver
November 2018
06:00 PM MST
November 2018
07:09 PM MST
GOAL $7,500.00
26.8% To Goal

About Our Auction

Mile Hi Optimist Club has brought together many items and services to help out during this challenging time of the season to help you avoid crowded stores, long lines and provide unique ideas in an easily accessible method.

About Mile Hi Optimist Club of Denver

Mile Hi Optimist Club of Denver was started in 1916 in Denver Colorado. In 1916 the motto was "Friend of the Boy" and through the following years, it has changed multiple times to what it is now, "Friend of Youth".

Mile Hi Optimists centers their work around young people in the north west part of Denver and the suburbs (and beyond).

One of our main goals is to promote literacy and writing skills in young people.

We hope to reach two make holiday giving a bit easier and the raise money for our local community youth grants.

The Mile-Hi Optimist Foundation is a 501(C3) Entity
Federal I.D. #84-6029886

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