Cancer Awareness Helmets

Miami Football
October 2018
08:00 AM EDT
October 2018
05:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Miami Football will be wearing special helmets on Saturday, Oct. 13 against Kent St. for our annual Cancer Awareness football game. Each helmet is adorned with an awareness ribbon helmet decal of the player's color choice as a token of memory or appreciation for someone close to them who has fought or is currently fighting cancer.

Members of the Miami Football team were able to pick from nine ribbon colors-
*Red- Blood cancers- selected by 8 players
*Orange- Kidney cancer & Leukemia- selected by 12 players
*Pink- Breast cancer- selected by 32 players
*Green- Liver, Ovarian and Cervical cancers- selected by 8 players
*Purple- Leiomyosarcoma, Pancreatic & Testicular cancers- selected by 14 players
*Blue- Colon & Esophageal cancers- selected by 14 players
*Yellow- Bladder & Sarcoma/Bone cancers- selected by 11 players
*White- Lung cancer- selected by 9 players
*Black- Melanoma- selected by 4 players

Eight helmets will be available for public auction. The winner of each helmet will have their choice of awareness ribbon color.

All proceeds will to go Swoop's Stoop, a Miami student-athlete run organization that partners with Cincinnati Children's Hospital to provide opportunities and experiences to children and families who are battling cancer.

About Miami Football

Varsity football team for Miami University in Oxford, OH. Led by head coach Chuck Martin, in his seventh year with the RedHawks.

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