Manitoulin Streams Christmas Auction

Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association
December 2020
09:00 AM EST
December 2020
05:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

Stream restoration includes rebuilding and repairing stream banks with bio-engineering techniques. This work reduces the amount of sedimentation from re-occurring over prime spawning habitat; improves fish habitat (e.g. channel edges, channel centre, reducing the width/depth ratio by narrowing and deepening the channel, creating pools, improving available river bottom substrate). This also reduces the effects of low water levels and water temperatures from getting higher in the summer, thereby enhancing the overall quality and productivity of aquatic habitats over the long term.
Our work has proven successful! We continue to raise funds to work towards our goal of completing all 182 degraded stream sites outlined in our Island Wide Environmental Assessment on Manitoulin, concentrating on our top 10 areas. Alongside this work, Manitoulin Streams continues to offer educational tours to all groups including schools, local community members and tourists. Our group believes in offering summer job experiences to those seeking a career in the environmental field and seeking additional ways to keep our island healthy, as well as help businesses continue to thrive.
Hand in hand, together we can restore our precious aquatic watersheds on beautiful Manitoulin Island!

About Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association

Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association is a registered charitable organization with 19 years of experience in stream rehabilitation and education. We have completed over 69 stream restoration projects involving bioengineered site designs to restore and enhance the aquatic ecosystem. Our mandate is to create, through the rehabilitation and enhancement of important cold-water streams, healthy and self-sustaining river ecosystems that contribute to the ecological, economic and social health of Manitoulin Island and the Lake Huron watershed.

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