Majestic Holiday Spectacular

Majestic Theatre Department City of Corvallis
November 2020
At Midnight PST
December 2020
06:04 PM PST

About Our Auction

There are multiple services and items you can bid on, including handmade bags, personalized sonnets, and baked goods. You will be able to bid on items online, without any upfront payment. Payment will be accepted from each auction’s winner in the days after the show has finished!

You can donate to the Majestic by visiting The Majestic Theatre is part of the City of Corvallis, a municipal corporation, and thus donations to us are tax-deductible. However, we are not a 503c and donations do not qualify for the OCT Match/Tax Credit. To take advantage of that, go to and learn about donating via Friends of Corvallis Parks and Recreation.

About Majestic Theatre Department City of Corvallis

Service, Community, and Culture The Corvallis Parks & Recreation Department preserves and creates a community heritage by providing places and programs designed to enhance the quality of life. The Parks and Recreation Department began managing operations of the Majestic Theatre on January 1, 2015. With the hiring of Theatre Supervisor Jimbo Ivy to oversee the Majestic, work began to discover what the community wanted the Majestic to be. Local arts and performance groups provide the talent and creative direction; the Majestic provides the business, promotion, and production skills to ensure that those productions are successful, both in a financial and creative sense. Starker Auditorium is our Majestic Main Stage!

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