Mabopane Foundation Online Auction

Mabopane Foundation
May 2024
05:00 PM EDT
May 2024
At Midnight EDT

About Our Auction

The money from this auction helps to cover the operating costs of the Ya Bana Village including food, school fees, electricity, etc. This is truly the worthiest of charities where your contributions are felt in a very direct and measurable way; 100% of the money earned at this auction will go directly to supporting the children.

About Mabopane Foundation

The Mabopane Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing a home, education, and Christian love to abandoned, abused, and orphaned children in Mabopane, South Africa - an extremely impoverished, disease-ridden area. The foundation was founded by Becky Young nearly twenty-five years ago and since has grown to include over a hundred volunteers.

Since its inception, hundreds of children have been provided a loving home and a chance to break free from the poverty cycle. This home for the children (known as the Ya Bana Village) is unique from other orphanages because it utilizes small, cluster homes to give the children a chance to experience family life and to provide them with a sense of stability. Each cluster home houses up to eight children with a "house mother". Additionally, a large focus is placed on education, clubs, trades, and life skills so that the children can enter adulthood confidently and find employment to support themselves. Currently, the village boasts eight cluster homes with over 50 children living there. Additionally, the village includes an early learning center in which over 160 children from the local community attend and a youth living center for children 18+ to further their education or learn a trade.

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