Methow Valley Flyfishers Annual Auction

Methow Valley Flyfishers Club
December 2020
12:00 PM PST
December 2020
05:00 PM PST

About Our Auction

Welcome to the 2020 Methow Valley Flyfishers Annual Auction! It looks much different, but our goals are still the same!

About Methow Valley Flyfishers Club

The Methow Valley Fly Fishers Club

Fellow Sportsmen, welcome to the wonderful Methow River Valley. We hope you enjoy this beautiful land with abundant fish and wildlife as much as we do.

Who are we? We are the local Methow Valley Fly Fishers Club. Our goals are simple: Conserve, Educate, and Enjoy the waters of this unique valley. We work closely with fisheries and wildlife organizations to protect what is here and ensure its availability to fellow sportsmen now and in the future.

We accomplish by focusing on the following activities:
1. Work closely with governmental agencies to support laws that protect the fish and the waters of the Methow Valley.
2. Mitigate the damage produced by littering and careless use of the resource.
3. Participate in and promote fisheries projects for the future enjoyment of all.
4. Educate the public about special regulations that are in place to protect our fisheries and ensure good fishing in the future.
5. Educate our members about projects designed to enhance local fisheries.
6. Provide seminars in fly casting, fly tying, where and how to fish local waters.
7. Provide college scholarships to graduating seniors seeking a profession in the fields of Fish and Wildlife Management, Marine Biology, and Wildlife Law Enforcement.
8. Partner with and support local guide services and sporting goods retailers in their promotion of fishing in our valley.
9. Introduce the thrills and satisfaction in fishing to the youth in our community.
10. Support “Kid’s Fishing Day” at the Winthrop Hatchery.
11. Sponsor social events each year to celebrate our successes with club members.

If you love fishing as strongly as we do and want to support these objectives, please join our organization, even if you are not a local resident. Your membership fees and any contributions will be used to do our best to continue this fantastic opportunity of fishing for the future.

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