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MEECO Leadership Conference 2018

MEECO Leadership Institute™
January 2018
09:00 AM EST
May 2018
02:00 AM EDT
GOAL $15,000.00
62.3% To Goal

MEECO Leadership Conference 2018

In the spirit of continuous learning and knowledge sharing, we look forward to your attending the 2017 MEECO Conference on May 21-23, in Estes Park, Colorado. For details visit:

The conferences are designed specifically for both Organization Leaders and Executive Coaches. We have created an intimate environment for ongoing dialogue to assist firms in preparing for long-term success and to prepare for the unforeseen future.
To continue our mission and to offset the cost of our annual conference have a silent auction. This is truly value opportunity for those bidding on the items in our fundraiser.

The items are carefully selected to make a positive difference in the leaders or executive coaches' portfolio.

NOTE: If you do not select the "buy now" option you may be out-bid at the live event in Estes Park on May 23rd 2018

About MEECO Leadership Institute™

We are a 501C3 education not-for-profit think tank, research and information/ resource sharing institute for corporations, institutions, and government agencies interested in improving the employee experience which will improve the structures bottom line.

We partner with various universities worldwide and organizations to conduct leading-edge research in the areas of workforce coaching and the management of talent. CB Bowman, CEO

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Live Event Information

Live Event takes place May 23, 2018 at Estes Park, Colorado at the MEECO Leadership Development Conference. To purchase tickets please visit