CHS Athletic Banner Auction

November 2017
04:00 PM EST
December 2017
10:03 PM EST

About Our Auction

Canton High School has generously donated 56 beautiful athletic banners which previously hung in the CHS gymnasium. These span the years 1973-2003 and include basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, wrestling, cross country, tennis and field hockey.

About Lights On Canton

Lights On Canton seeks to raise $250,000 to install permanent lighting on the CMS/CHS Track & Field Athletic Complex. Permanent lights will allow Canton to utilize fully this beautiful facility - to provide hours of practice time on the fields for Canton Youth sports, illuminate night games for CHS, CMS and Canton Youth athletic teams, and provide on-demand lighting for community members in the early morning and evening hours for a safe environment to run, walk or play. THIS AUCTION IS NOW ENDED - PLEASE CONTACT CANTON HIGH SCHOOL IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY REMAINING BANNER.

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