El Sabor de Austin - Latinitas Auction for Action

August 2020
12:00 PM CDT
August 2020
10:00 PM CDT
GOAL $5,000.00
69.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Whether we're going back to school in-person or online, Latinitas will be there for our girls. Serving hundreds of girls each semester in dozens of schools across Central Texas, we need supplies for our girls this school year and funding for our programming.

Since "ordering in" is the new "dining out," we've created El Sabor de Austin - Latinitas Auction for Action with oodles of Austin's coolest dining establishments donating so that you can support Latinitas and eat great at the same time!

About Latinitas

For 20 years, Latinitas has been empowering girls aged 9-18 across Texas through a STEM-based curriculum that is taught in our after-school clubs, summer camps, one-day conferences and certification programs.

Almost exclusively in underfunded school communities, Latinitas is the original bilingual STEM education program for girls.

By helping our girls to find their voices, Latinitas prepares them for a lifetime of self-advocacy and cultural pride.

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