Cat Tales
March 2023
03:00 PM EDT
March 2023
07:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Cat Tales is holding an auction for appointment times on Saturday 3/18/23
The bidding is for the appointment time not the actual cat pictured. We are not auctioning cats.
The cats in the pictures will be available to meet and chose on 3/18/23

The first appointment time comes in first and will have first choice. The second appointment time comes in second and has second choice. So on and so forth.

*An adopter may chose more than one cat at their time slot
*You can bid on multiple time slots, understand if you are the winner of multiple time slots you are obligated to pay for all of them.
*Please keep in mind if you are not the first appointment time winner the cat(s) you wanted to meet may be already on hold. First appointment time has first choice.
*This is a fundraiser to raise funds to purchase life saving medications for cat and kittens with FIP. If you do not pay/show up/want a refund as you didn't plan accordingly, another bidder who would have paid is unable to and directly impacts the cats.

The auction appointment times monies raised goes towards life saving FIP treatment. Treatment per cat can be 2-4K. We thank all participating to help us keep saving these cats!!

The bid amount does not include the adoption fee. The bid amount is a fundraiser to raise funds for FIP cats

About Cat Tales

We are a all volunteer non profit cat rescue.
All monies from our auctions go directly to the most urgent medical needs of our cats.
We take cats in from all over the world, for many we are their last hope.

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