LTAC PAC Silent Auction - One Moment In Time

September 2021
12:00 PM MDT
September 2021
09:45 AM MDT
GOAL $5,000.00
83.3% To Goal

LTAC PAC Silent Auction - One Moment In Time

When you participate in this year’s silent auction, your donations support the voice of the title industry. Our state political action committee is working for you, and we couldn’t continue to advocate to the decision makers without your support. Did you know that LTAC’s PAC helps protect the future of our jobs by building awareness among policymakers, and directly supporting candidates who are committed to the title industry? You’ll have the opportunity to impact change for Colorado land title when it matters most. Consider taking part in this year’s silent auction, and together our voices can be heard!

Due to Colorado Campaign Finance Rules, there are contribution limits of $575.00 in a two- year election cycle. Any contributions that go over and above the $575.00 will be donated to the Community Resources & Housing Development Corporation ( that supports affordable housing throughout the state of Colorado and can be used as a tax deduction. Any purchases under the $575.00 are a donation to the LTAC PAC and are not tax deductible.

About Land Title Association of Colorado

The Land Title Association of Colorado is a non-profit trade organization designed to promote and advance title insurance issues in Colorado. Our organization provides education to its members, outreach to the consumer community, and insight to legislators and regulators about the title insurance industry. We are proud of our history, engaged in the present, and challenged by our future.

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