Old Civilization - by Jimmy Engineer

Marian Street Theatre for Young People
September 2018
06:00 AM AEST
October 2018
09:00 PM AEDT

About Our Auction

Old Civilization - by Jimmy Engineer

This artwork featured as part of the 'Heritage; Sagas of Civilisation,' a series based on the archaeological sites in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. The artefacts represented are an important part of Pakistan's cultural heritage which inspires present generations, and will no doubt continue to spark the imagination of generations to come.

Jimmy Engineer is known as the 'Son of Pakistan' and is one of the foremost artists from that country. He has broken through all barriers of caste and creed and truly define multi-ethnicity through his art and altruism and has over 3,000 artworks to his name.

The print was generously presented to Marian Street Theatre for Young People by the Jimmy Engineer himself at the opening of his 'Peace and Harmony' exhibition in Chatswood, Sydney, with the intent for it to be auctioned to raise funds for the organisation. Funds raised will go towards assisting produce important theatre works for young people, providing creative and vocational opportunities for young people wanting to explore theatre crafts.

The print of the 'Old Civilization' measures 36" x 38" and is printed on high quality canvas with the artists signature on the reverse. As framing is often a very personal choice, it is being offered unframed in the original wrapping as presented by the artist.

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