High Holiday Honors ROSH HASHANAH

Jewish Russian Learning Center
August 2023
10:00 AM EDT
September 2023
12:00 PM EDT

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About Our Auction

Shalom Friends, and welcome to our High Holiday auction! Our auction is unique, so please read the details below.

If you haven't already, please pre-purchase tickets to the service: https://jewishrussiancenter.org/high-holidays/

This auction will be a hybrid of both online and in person bidding. If someone selects the option to "buy it now" at the full value of the item, that item will not transition to live bidding and that person will win that item.

You must CREATE AN ACCOUNT and LOGIN to place your bids!

If nobody has bid the full value price of the item at the time the online auction closes, that item will transition to live bidding at the service, with the bidding starting at the online high price. If nobody overbids during the live portion, the highest online bidder will be the winner of that auction item.

The in person bidding will be completed at the service in which the honor is performed (e.g. if the honor is performed during the day 1 morning service, the live bidding for that item is completed at the start of that service). You must be present at the service to defend your bid. If you are not present and your bid wins, the honor will be performed in your name.

All winners will be announced during the service and contacted by email to arrange payment. Final payment can be made by credit card or check. If you want to do anything else, please contact the Rabbi.

If you don't wish to participate in the auction, you may convert any bids to a donation. The Rabbi will announce all of the donors during the services.

All items have been donated, and 100% of proceeds will benefit the Jewish Russian Learning Center - a non-profit organization. All donations are fully tax deductible, and all donors will receive a letter for tax purposes in the coming weeks.

We look forward to a successful auction and a beautiful holiday. Thank you for your support.

About Jewish Russian Learning Center

To promote and strengthen Jewish awareness, pride and identity by providing educational, cultural and social activities and services to all Jewish individuals and families regardless of affiliation or background with special emphasis on the programs that target Russian-speaking Jews. Treasuring the infinite value of every individual, JRLC is committed to enriching the lives of every single Jew in Staten Island and Tri-State Area through its multiple programs and educational, social and religious services and media projects. Staten Island ranks among the fastest growing communities on the East Coast. As more and more Russian Jewish people and their families move in, there is an ever increasing need for a warm, friendly Jewish center promoting Jewish identity, continuity and awareness. Jewish Russian Learning Center strives to fill this need by providing programs and activities that benefit the entire Jewish community.

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Live Event Information

You must CREATE AN ACCOUNT and LOGIN to place your bids!

Any items that do not reach their "buy it now" full value price online will transition to live bidding. The live bidding for a particular item will occur at the beginning of the service in which the honor is performed.