Ivan Mamic Auction 2023

Ivan Mamic 2023 Auction
November 2023
03:00 PM AEDT
November 2023
08:15 PM AEDT

About Our Auction

Ivan Mamic is a member of Western Suburbs Budgerigar Society.
All birds are 2022/2023 rung and maiden.

Any enquiries you can contact Ivan by phone or text on 0417 146 582 or PM on Facebook.

All descriptions of birds are taken in good faith from the seller. Freight costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please check with transport companies of freight costs before purchasing.
All birds are listed by Ivan Mamic. Please make contact with Ivan if you are unsure about anything or wish to ask further questions.

About Ivan Mamic 2023 Auction

Ivan Mamic (IM3) is a member of the BCV in Victoria.

More photo's and Video requests can be made by contacting Ivan through Facebook. His facebook name is Ivan Albinoman.

Ivan Mamic (IM3) is a member of Western Suburbs Budgerigar Society. He began breeding in 2006 and has worked his way up to champion before going back to open due to not maintaining the points required. He has won 2 diplomas and 2 shield classes and has had 2 Reps at Nationals and 2 reserves for Victorian State team. He breeds most variety’s as well as Albinos Lutino's and Clearbodies. The background in the stud is mainly Gazzard, Fellows, Mellington and Rowe.

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