Hess Academy 2023

Hess Academy
March 2023
05:30 PM EDT
March 2023
At Midnight EDT

About Our Auction

Hess Academy is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) private
school in Decatur, Georgia. We provide a safe,
nurturing, and engaging learning environment for
students from Decatur, Atlanta, and surrounding
counties. As a non-profit, we rely on tuition and
donations to create an ideal school setting with
small class sizes, a 1:6 student-teacher ratio,
student-centered curriculum, hands-on learning,
field trips, and capital improvements.
Last year, Hess Academy celebrated its 10th
birthday. Since 2020, we have dedicated our
resources to keep school open and operational
during the pandemic to keep our students
learning in the safest possible way.
After a three year hiatus, we are excited to bring
back our annual Spring Auction to properly
celebrate 10 years of Hess Academy! This has
historically been our largest event fundraiser of the
year. We rely on generous contributions from our
community through sponsorships and in-kind

Your tax-deductible contribution will help Hess
Academy continue its mission to inspire brilliance
for all of our students.

About Hess Academy

Hess Academy is a private school inspiring brilliance in Pre-K through 8th grade students. Children cultivate critical thinking and learning skills as they flourish in an atmosphere of collaboration and discovery.

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