Hand UP For Change 2023

Hand UP For Women
October 2023
12:15 AM EDT
October 2023
10:00 PM EDT
GOAL $25,000.00
70.6% To Goal

About Our Auction

Because we are grieved by the hopelessness experienced by women in Knox and surrounding counties, we are passionate about expanding our ability to serve a far greater number of women. In some counties, there are little or no resources for women wishing to live a different life, and they are dying for lack of help. And if addiction is in the mix, it is almost impossible to get well in the old surroundings. Our philosophy is that the best setting in which to change is one with "new playmates and a new play ground." The funds from this auction will help us enrich and expand our playground!

About Hand UP For Women

Since 2003, Hand UP For Women has walked alongside broken women from all backgrounds who have the desire to change their lives profoundly and permanently.

Our 100+ graduates have broken the cycle of generational poverty, achieved and maintained sobriety, reunified their families, become financially self-sufficient, exchanged dead-end minimum wage jobs for education and careers, left abusive relationships, and learned to build their lives on a foundation of faith in God.

We introduce our ladies to who God created them to be by providing a year-long program of Life Management, Career Readiness, and Spiritual Development classes, individual mentoring, and a real, life-long family. In turn, they invest in us by mentoring new participants, teaching classes, serving on our Board of Directors, promoting the program, and becoming donors.

We help them turn hard realities into abundant living!

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