Groomer Gala 2023

Leavenworth Winter Sports Club
November 2023
09:00 AM PST
November 2023
09:00 AM PST

About Our Auction

We had so much fun at the Groomer Gala, but wanted to save a couple special items for those who could not attend and those who did, but maybe didn't get a shot at these items in person!

This auction is to help raise funds for the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club that will go toward our newest grooming machine. This machine will allow us to provide even more quality grooming across all our locations including the Golf Course which we just signed a new partnership with for the upcoming season!

About Leavenworth Winter Sports Club

We have a vision of Leavenworth as a renowned skiing community with an extensive interconnected trails system, skiing programs integrated within the local schools, families participating in an array of winter sport activities, modern facilities, and a world class Alpine and Nordic experience - while retaining the warmth and communal character that is the backbone of our organization.

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