11th Annual Gracias San Antonio

Pre-K 4 SA
April 2024
At Midnight CDT
May 2024
12:01 AM CDT

About Our Auction

Pre-K 4 SA’s Gracias San Antonio: Children Are Citizens Project is grounded in the belief that children are not just future citizens but are citizens of the city with the right to express their opinions and participate in the civic and cultural life of San Antonio. As citizens of the community, children learn the value of civic engagement, as well as various means for participation including giving back.

Gracias begins with the children’s participation in a program-wide election in November to vote on a local non-profit to support for the academic year. This year our children, families, and staff elected DaisyCares to support throughout the year.

Children and families engage in City Explorations throughout the year by visiting different places around San Antonio. Local artists join children in the classroom to create authentic art pieces using a variety of artistic mediums to express the children’s perspective of their city and the places they visit.

Thereafter, the art pieces are then showcased in a gallery and auctioned to raise money for the non-profit selected earlier in the year.

About Pre-K 4 SA

Vision: In one generation Pre-K 4 SA will develop a highly skilled workforce through quality early learning childhood education for all children in San Antonio.

Mission: The mission of Pre-K 4 SA is to contribute to a stronger San Antonio workforce through high quality early learning that benefits young children in San Antonio.

Pre-K 4 SA is a comprehensive early childhood initiative aimed at changing the education and workforce trajectory of San Antonio in one generation.

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