Gather 2022

Firebird Community Arts
September 2022
07:30 AM CDT
September 2022
08:15 PM CDT

About Our Auction

We are coming together to give, heal and empower! Our online auction is centered around ways to give yourself or someone you care about self care packages and artwork!

Proceeds from our online auction will help us continue to raise youth voices, offer healing through glassblowing and ceramics, access to mental health support, and basic needs such as meals, safe transportation and hygiene products.

Each year, Firebird serves 60 to 75 youth from the south and west sides of Chicago. Through the healing practices of glassblowing and ceramics, combined with mental health support, employment, and mentorship, Firebird helps individuals recover from trauma. Lives are changed through the community support and creative expression participants engage in at Firebird-- 83% of participants report having bigger goals and higher expectations for themselves as a result of Firebird programs.

As an organization, Firebird is always experimenting, pushing and resisting traditional structures that are inequitable to find policies and practices that are more inclusive and sustain more equitable outcomes. In fact, other organizations and foundations nationwide are now turning to Firebird for guidance and as a leader in the field.

We want to ensure Firebird thrives for years to come and would love your support!

Invoices and payment processing will be generated after the auction closes on Oct. 8th. Expires September 30, 2023

About Firebird Community Arts

Our mission is to empower and connect people through the healing practice of glassblowing and ceramics.

We serve those who have been impacted by structural or individual trauma, including violently-injured youth, veterans, formerly-incarcerated individuals, undocumented and immigrant populations and Chicago Public School students on the South and West sides. We help people heal primarily by teaching glassblowing and ceramics - media that are typically expensive and difficult to access, but by their very nature elicit healing and build community. We provide a safe space, linkages to relevant wrap-around services, and professional and educational pathways for under-represented communities in the arts.

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