Frederick Goat Sanctuary 2nd Annual Art Auction

Frederick Farm Goat Sanctuary
November 2023
06:00 AM EST
November 2023
08:05 PM EST
GOAL $5,000.00
23.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

In the last few years, we have more than doubled the number of rescues we have taken in thanks to the support and interest of our wonderful guests! But with that, comes extra bills for hay, feed, veterinary care. We are also finding that we are having to say no to many inquiries about taking in more goats due to space limitations, so are working on adoptions to qualified families. We want to save them all! Proceeds from this auction will first go toward hay, feed, and medications and then we start thinking about our next barn and enclosure to save more lives!

The reason we have a strong focus on art (besides Meagan's background as an art therapist), is that we have discovered that many of our visitors love to gift us with wonderful goat art that we proudly display in our barn for all to see. We thought it would be equally as rewarding if individuals would share their talents to benefit the goats financially too!

We are thrilled to launch our second online silent auction and hope you find something you love that will remind you of the goats here at the sanctuary and how you are also a part of our growing goat family!

About Frederick Farm Goat Sanctuary

Frederick Farm has been home to rescue goats since 2013.
We recognize each as a distinct personality, worthy of our empathy, respect and care.
We are committed to providing a loving home and sanctuary to as many goats in need of rescue as we can and sharing these unique creatures with the public to promote empathy, understanding of the species, and to encourage the happiness and well-being of both and goats and the humans that meet them through the principles of animal-assisted therapy.

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