RARE MBS7+ grass-fed Wagyu ribeye from First Light

First Light Foods
August 2020
06:00 PM NZST
September 2020
06:00 PM NZST

About Our Auction

Every now and again, New Zealand's best grass-fed Wagyu farmers produce an incredibly rare marble score 7+ steak. These are highly prized, huge pieces of premium meat - much coveted by Wagyu enthusiasts.

It's this First Light Wagyu whole MBS7+ ribeye - approx 6.8kg and sliced into steaks for convenience - that we're auctioning off with the proceeds going to KidsCan.

KidsCan is a charity that ensures children in New Zealand are given a fair go. It believes in the value of education in the fight against poverty, working closely with schools and the early childhood sector to make certain the children who need it most can access nutritious food, warm and dry clothing, and health essentials.

About First Light Foods

First Light is a small New Zealand company quietly changing the world. Our cooperative of family farmers are raising Wagyu cattle as nature intended – on a 100% grass-fed diet with no grains, no feedlots, no GMOs and without the use of antibiotics or hormones. The natural marbling in First Light Wagyu beef comes from the lush grass diet our cattle graze on. And it ensures every piece of premium First Light grass-fed beef is juicy, tender and full of flavour.

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