From the Valley to the Rainforest - FOTA Auction

Friends of the Animals PERTH
August 2017
05:00 PM AWST
August 2017
08:00 PM AWST

About Our Auction

This auction is a joint fundraiser for 2 very special causes!

One is to raise funds to provide enrichment equipment and supplies for Orangutans who have been injured and/or displaced in Borneo due to the insidious Palm Oil industry.

The other is local Perth sanctuary - Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary - where farm and native animals are shown respect and kindness and given a second chance at life.

Our auction is opened to Australian residents only and postage may be possible for some items within the auction.

Thank you to The Uniform Guys, Subiaco Antiques & Fine Jewellery, Susan Fischer, Ramona Janssen and other FOTA friends and supporters for their donations.

Special thanks to Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary who have allowed us to use their Charitable Collections Licence for part of this joint auction.

About Friends of the Animals PERTH

Our philosophy is one of - Kindness. Integrity. Compassion.

Since Jan 2015 we have hosted events to raise funds and donated hampers and cash to nearly 50 animal charities around the world.

We have shared information about how wonderful and important animals are to us and how much we love and respect them. This is why we choose to be vegan.

​It is now mid 2017 and we have donated nearly $52,000 to hard working groups who are saving the lives of so many animals.

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