Everything Asheville

October 2021
03:00 PM EDT
October 2021
07:30 PM EDT
GOAL $5,000.00
53.9% To Goal

About Our Auction

Everything Asheville is an art show and fundraiser for Homeward Bound of Asheville. The photographs are a donation from Christine D. Page, Asheville resident and art enthusiast. Dog & Pony Show is hosting the event!

Due to the pandemic, the photographs for Everything Asheville can be viewed online. To appreciate these one-of-a-kind images printed on 11X14 metal frames in person, please come and see them displayed at Dog & Pony Show in downtown Asheville from Friday, October 22nd through the live event on Thursday, October 28th at 5pm-8pm.

All donations go directly to Homeward Bound to help the homeless population of Asheville. A representative from Homeward Bound will speak at the main event at 7 pm on Thursday, October 28th! Refreshments will be served outside on the patio.

Everything Asheville is one way to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to people in need of housing. Together we can make our community of Asheville an even better place to live!

To participate in the silent auction, place all bids on this site. Bidding for all pieces starts at $60 and will increase in $5 increments.

Covid precautions, including mask mandates, will be in place.

About Christine D. Page

Everything Asheville is a celebration of life. Art is an integral part of what keeps Asheville vibrant and alive. My daily walks have inspired these photographs, not as an art form itself, but as an extension and expression of the art all around us.

These images are moments in time that make up who we are and what we represent. It is the very essence of the daily life of Asheville that I have tried to capture. During my time working on this project, homelessness was something that affected me in a very real way. In my opinion, no one wants to be homeless without help from the community. I needed to do something.

Everything Asheville is one small way to help the homeless. All of your donations will go directly to Homeward Bound of Asheville. It is my hope to raise awareness and provide financial aid to a vulnerable community. These images that make up Everything Asheville are the everyday life in art that sustain us.

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