Empty Bowls Silent Auction

March 2021
09:00 AM EST
March 2021
05:00 PM EST

About Urban Ministries of Durham

Urban Ministries of Durham is the primary point of connection for those who are homeless, hungry or in need in Durham. With the help of nearly 4,000 volunteers, countless donations from the community, and a dedicated staff, we serve over 6,000 people each year who come seeking food, shelter, clothing and supportive services. We are the primary public homeless shelter in Durham, and we welcome neighbors regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, religious beliefs, or non-belief. We provide immediate relief to those experiencing chronic or temporary homelessness, and work with clients to end their homelessness as quickly and responsibly as possible.

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About Our Auction

The Silent Auction, sponsored by Olive & Olive, features bowls and other decorative creations made by local potters and woodturners—a primary feature of our annual in-person event.

Empty Bowls helps to raise over $100,000 for the city’s primary public homeless shelter, Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD), which provides food, shelter, and a future to neighbors in need.

**Purchases: The highest bidders can submit payment through the auction site to UMD's PayPal Account.

Delivery of Items: Please make sure we have your email address and phone number so that we can contact you about pickup or shipping. UMD will work directly with you and the artist to choose a preferred delivery method. No need to worry about shipping fees!**

A Word From Our Sponsor, Olive & Olive, PA:
Olive & Olive has been the “go to” intellectual property law firm in Durham, with clients around the world, for more than 70 years. Our deep roots here make for a deep commitment to keeping our wonderfully diverse community at its best. Hunger and homelessness don’t allow anyone to operate at their best, and the fact that such conditions exist in Durham should be a gut blow to all of us. We can’t tolerate that, and neither should you.

UMD is, for us, the hands through which we reach out to help.

UMD is effective. Their focus on eradicating hunger and poverty works. The meals they serve stave off hunger. Take-away lunches aren’t just another meal; the delivery method leaves work hours free for clients to seek and keep jobs. The beds UMD provides—and the social services given to shelter residents—not only prevent short-term homelessness but provide a pathway to life-long stability. Their rapid rehousing program with follow-on support has been a real game-changer for the families and individuals who are no longer out in the cold.

UMD is fair. Our firm doesn’t discriminate. Neither does UMD. If you need help, you can seek it. There are no barriers based on race, gender, religious beliefs or non-belief, or sexual or political orientation.

UMD is fiscally responsible. As a law firm, we care about that. The financial statements are posted; so are the tax returns . . . and details about how many individuals and families have been helped, and how they’ve been helped. Its topnotch ratings from charity rating services are well-deserved.

In short, UMD represents the best of Durham . . . our hearts, our souls, our hands, and our money . . . all reaching out, together, to make our realities live up to our promise.

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