ETW Covid-Relief Christmas / Winter Auction 2021

Embracing the World
November 2021
11:45 PM EST
December 2021
11:45 PM EST
GOAL $108,000.00
143.5% REACHED!

About Our Auction

A surefire way to get over the covid-blues.

We are happy to announce the silent auction as a way to help Amma's children all over the world feel connected with Her during these challenging times. Even though many of us are still not able to see Amma as there are still no tours, we can feel Amma's love, grace and presence so strongly in these Prasad items as well as through participating in seva and dhanam (charity) for the greater good to raise revenue for beneficiaries in serious need.

The Auctions are always a special treat offering many unique and rare prasad items in all price ranges so everyone can participate.

Proceeds from this silent online auction will provide relief to those affected by the pandemic. By participating you will be supporting doctors from Amrita Institute of Medical Science (AIMS) provide free treatment for Covid-19 patients as well as to help educate tribal and rural village people about the importance of vaccination; village workers offer educational support to children; AmritaSree Self Help Groups (SHGs) which act as conduits for women to support their communities and families; and AYUDH, Amma’s youth wing, distribute food to those in need, conduct post Covid follow ups with individuals who have recovered from the illness, and offer live online sessions during which the public can ask doctors covid related questions. To find updates on Embracing the World's response to combat and contain COVID19, visit:

Just recently during the evening programs in Amritapuri, Amma commented how Her children’s donations have enabled ETW to expand the initial US$1.7 million donation for Covid relief to the governments of India and Kerala to US$8 million which has been distributed primarily to the AmritaSree (Amrita Self Reliance Education & Employment) Self Help Groups located in 21 states across India and totalling approximately 600,000 members. AmritaSree SHGs help unemployed and economically vulnerable women become self-reliant through the development of their technical and vocational skills.

In the past, online auctions have contributed to many of Amma's humanitarian projects across the globe including: 2018 and 2019 Flood Relief, Amrita Kuteeram (Amma's housing project), disaster relief efforts, and the Farmer Relief Project. Our annual auctions have built houses in India for the poor, contributed to the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan relief funds in the Philippines, 2011 Japan earthquake and Tsunami relief funds, 2010 Haiti earthquake disaster relief efforts, 2005 Hurricane Katrina relief funds in the US, and supported both phases of the 2004 Tsunami relief efforts.

Please visit to learn more about Amma's various local and international ETW charitable projects.

You may participate in the auction from any location in the world. Simply register on the site by clicking on 'create account' which can be found by selecting any item. Once you create an account, you need to be logged in to bid on an item.

All pricing and bidding is in US Dollars. Payment may be made with any major credit card or PayPal. We will endeavour to deliver your item to you anywhere in the world, as soon as reasonably possible after the auction officially closes at 11:45pm EST, December 9th.

Thank you for supporting ETW through your participation.

About Embracing the World

Embracing the World (ETW) is a global network of regional humanitarian
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Augmenting these efforts, we work in the fields of environmental conservation and sustainability, to protect the future of our fragile planet. Through Amrita University (, our researchers are innovating new means of delivery of goods, knowledge, information, energy and healthcare.

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