Giant Steps for The Jumbo Troops of West Bengal

The Elephant Initiative
October 2023
05:00 PM CDT
November 2023
07:30 PM CST
GOAL $4,000.00
271.1% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Join us in safeguarding West Bengal's wild elephant population by joining our online auction in support of The Jumbo Troops.

India boasts the distinction of being home to the largest wild elephant population in Asia. However, their very existence is now under serious threat. The Jumbo Troops have embarked on a mission to ensure the protection of these magnificent creatures in the West Bengal region, and we are firmly committed to bolstering their cause through our upcoming auction and fundraiser. Every contribution you make will be directed entirely towards:

Implementing innovative, forest-based feeding solutions that divert wild elephants away from human settlements.

Offering vital support to dedicated elephant monitoring team who tirelessly monitor herds, combat the looming menace of poaching and educating the public.

Providing accessible education to the children of Deomoni, ensuring a thriving school environment.

With your generous support, we can truly make a substantial and lasting impact in preserving these incredible animals. Let's come together to assist in securing the future of Asia's magnificent wild elephants.


Live Event Information

Please join us in Austin, TX. celebrating Diwali and supporting The Jumbo Troops at our event at Marigold and Show and Tell.

When: Saturday, November 18th from 5-8.
Where: 2200 S. Lamar

We will have food, music, and a live silent auction on the patio. All proceeds will benefit The Jumbo Troops, a non-profit organization based in West Bengal that provides support to elephant conservation.

Marigold and Show and Tell will be donating 15% of their sales for the event. The funds raised will support The Jumbo Troops in their conservation missions.

We hope to see you there!

Auction Video

About The Elephant Initiative

The Elephant Initiative (formerly Elephants Austin) is a nonprofit that provides guardianship to the highly endangered Asian elephant.
It is our mission to educate the public and our supporters on the urgent problems facing the Asian elephants today and to advocate for the Southeast Asian elephant nonprofits by raising funds to aid them in their conservation endeavors.

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