Sea Change - Deanie French Retrospective

Art & Soul Nashville
December 2021
01:00 PM CST
January 2022
05:00 PM CST

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The invitation for this retrospective at Art & Soul has given me the opportunity to go through decades of artwork that I have accumulated, and bring it out to share with you. Recurring themes are the search for home ... touch, connection and transformation ... water, climate change ... nature as solace, comfort, and mother.

The only child of a figurative sculptor and Monuments Man who rescued looted art during WWII, and his wife, the second daughter of 12 children born to Finnish immigrants, I grew up hearing different languages and music, learning a variety of customs, and understanding art and nature as fundamental.

I drew a lot as a child ... doodled in all the margins. I tried to depict accurately what I saw, though it would be years before I knew the longed-for depth of connection to what I was making.

Cape Ann was a magical, colorful place to grow up in the '50s and '60s. From my home in the woods, it was a few minutes bikeride to sandy beaches and rocky coves. Cousins were just a short walk away. Summers were spent around, on, in, and under water—freshwater quarries and the cold Atlantic. The rocky shores were a magnet for artists, musicians, and writers.

I was lucky to spend several years in Italy with my parents. Immersion in Italian culture fueled my love of languages. So, in college I studied French, Italian, and art history, and I stayed away from studio art.

While I was working in Boston after college, a roommate introduced me to a school which opened my eyes—Shady Hill. There I found an inviting art studio for 3rd through 9th graders that galvanized my desire to explore artmaking and learning along with children.

Once launched, I found fulfilling work in public and private schools in Philadelphia and Newton, Deerfield and Conway, Massachusetts. While in Boston, I married a family physician who loved the outdoors, travel, dancing, and singing as much as I did. We did transformational work together, practiced Vipassana, and sang with friends on Sunday nights.

We adopted two Korean infants and embarked on a lifelong adventure of “learning by doing.” We raised our familly in a hilltown in western Massachusetts which turned out to be home to artists, meditators, and back-to-the-landers.

Through friends in a toddlers’ playgroup, I learned a practice called Authentic Movement, a doorway into the inner self, its mystery and grace. It was the meditation form that came most naturally to me.

My aging parents were several hours away on the coast. My mother’s unexpected death hit me hard, and I entered a dark period which led to a serious longterm depression. Several years later, at an art educators' retreat, I met Arunima and suddenly felt plugged into what felt like a source of vibrant aliveness.

That revolutionary moment began a long rolling wave of changes: painting with Michell Cassou in San Francisco, hospitalization, my father’s death, managing his estate, stays at Isha Yoga Centre, Tamil Nadu, moving from the coast of New England to middle Tennessee, life with Nima and Parkinson's, rediscovering singing and art with children at Abintra, participating and facilitating at Art & Soul, and becoming a grandmother.

Now, on the eve of my 75th trip around the sun, it appears that my lifelong question, whether I am "an artist," may be a moot point.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Sadhguru, Walker and Saima, Arunima, Kit, Jonathan and Anna, Suzi, and to all the Art & Soul community, in particular my hand-holding team who helped make this exhibition possible, especially Robin, Roberta, Karyn, Amanda, Donna, and Doris.

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