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DMM 2023 Silent Auction

Dorothy Molter Museum
February 2023
12:15 AM CST
February 2023
06:35 PM CST
GOAL $5,000.00
129.1% REACHED!

DMM 2023 Silent Auction

The Dorothy Molter Museum is thrilled to be offering its Annual Fundraising Dinner in-person at the Grand Ely Lodge on Thursday, February 9, 2023. However, you don't have to attend to have an opportunity to support the Museum and "win" something for yourself!

There are three ways to "win" the items listed on this website: Online Silent Auction, Raffle Bucket or Door Prize.

These items are available for bidding here, in our online auction

These items will only be available for bidding on or winning at the in-person Annual Fundraising Dinner and offered as Raffle Bucket Drawings or Door Prizes

You do NOT need to be present at the event to be the high bidder on items that are listed as "online only" or for the Canoe Raffle drawing.

For tickets and information about attending the dinner, visit

About Dorothy Molter Museum

The Dorothy Molter Museum preserves and interprets Northwoods wilderness heritage through learning opportunities inspired by Dorothy Molter, the last non-indigenous resident of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).
The Museum strives to inspire the next generation of Northwoods stewards to make a significant contribution toward a better world through Dorothy’s legacy of perseverance, integrity and generosity.
As we continue to remember Dorothy and keep her spirit alive, we strive to embody the same principles that she espoused:
Perseverance: To maintain long-term sustainability in an ever-changing social, political and financial climate.
Integrity: To maintain the highest degree of historical accuracy and visitor satisfaction.
and Generosity: To be a positive, active and contributing member of the diverse communities we are a part of.

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Live Event Information

Select items from this online silent auction are labeled as "Live Event Only" which means they are only available for winning at the Annual Fundraising Dinner at the Grand Ely Lodge on Thursday, Feb 9 5pm. Tickets & info available at


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