Cahoots 2022: Celebrating Art & Community

Arts Are Elementary
September 2022
09:00 AM EDT
September 2022
09:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Proceeds of the auction will support Arts Are Elementary's programming. We have provided professional artist residencies to Brunswick, Maine's public elementary schools since 1980. Each grade gets their own resident artist each year. To learn more, go to

Auction item artists are also offered 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their item.

(A Sail Between Friends by Erin Vazdauskas on left)

Successful bidders will receive an invoice shortly after the auction closes, Sat. Sept. 24 at 9 pm. Invoices will also included sales tax on top of the winning bid amount. If an item needs to be shipped, shipping will also be an additional charge.

About Arts Are Elementary

Our mission is to spark curiosity, creativity and critical thinking through arts integration in elementary schools within the greater Brunswick area, and to raise awareness of the arts in the local community.

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