CAN Fund #150Women Online Auction

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February 2020
05:00 PM EST
March 2020
07:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Welcome to the CAN Fund #150Women Online Auction. We are delighted with the outpouring of support for our female athletes who compete for Canada. The online auction features over 100 fantastic items and unique experiences spanning three pages.

The majority of athletes rely on CAN Fund to afford proper nutrition, equipment and travel expenses like gas and flights to attend competitions and training camps. Which is why on the third page we have included a variety of BUY NOW opportunities where you can make a donation to buy a female athlete a Gas Card ($100), Food/Groceries ($350), Flights ($500) and make her a CAN Fund #150 Women recipient ($6000). You will receive a tax receipt for any of these donations and find out the female athlete you are supporting.

CAN Fund #150Women recently turned 2 and is a network of over 500 exceptional women coast to coast that is growing daily and believes in women supporting women.

Our members imagine a world where we all improve each other’s lives by sharing knowledge, passions, networks and building a community of purpose.

BE EPIC! Love yourself, be brave, take risks to get what you want in life, and empower women around you to follow your lead.

We have included on the last page the opportunity for you to become a CAN Fund #150Women member ($150). Our goal is for 200 women to join our CAN Fund #150 Women community during this online auction. You will receive a tax receipt and find out the female athlete you are supporting. Once a member you are invited to events, conference calls and more.

EPIC NEWS: Every auction item sold and BUY NOW donation is being matched dollar for dollar.

The CAN Fund #150Women Online Auction will close on Sunday March 8th International Women’s Day at 7pm ET. If you have an auction item/experience to contribute you still can. Contact us at: or call us 1-866-937-2012

If it weren’t for our athletes who are the dreamers, the believers, and the doers, CAN Fund would not exist and without our CAN Fund donors and CAN Fund #150Women we wouldn’t be able to impact the incredible number of athletes we do.

About CAN Fund

CAN Fund is a non-profit organization that supports Canadian athletes on their journey to be the best in the world. Where CAN Fund plays a significant role is in the years leading up to the Games – the years when no one is watching, or cheering, or even aware of the athletes and their journey to be the best in the world. The majority of our athletes are paying for equipment, travel to events/training camps, coaching, extra physiotherapy and team fees that range from $1,000 to $27,000.

With every donation to CAN Fund you are given the name of the athlete who will benefit from your support and you receive a charitable tax receipt. Recently 832 athletes, both able-bodied and Paralympic, from coast to coast have applied to CAN Fund for direct financial support.

CAN Fund Campaigns include: CAN Fund #150Women, Pre-Game Meal, Patrons of Sport Monthly Donors, Adopt An Athlete, Impact Campaign, AHA - Athletes Helping Athletes, CAN Fund Alumni, Maple Leaf Home Paintings.

Our athletes compete for Canada and our CAN Fund Donors make sure they CAN! @CANFund @150Women

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