Raceday 2024 Prelims Lead Truck Auction

Buggy Alumni Association
April 2024
At Midnight EDT
April 2024
09:00 PM EDT
GOAL $1,000.00
125.3% REACHED!

About Our Auction

All heats will be auctioned simultaneously
Each heat will have a $10 minimum bid
The minimum bidding increment is $1
You may specify a maximum amount you wish to bid for any heat. The site will automatically increase your bid in $1 increments as needed until your maximum is exceeded by someone else.

Payment must be received before winners take their rides. Your payment should be submitted as a donation to the BAA through CMU's donations page. https://cmubuggy.org/baa-gift

Lead truck rides are transferable. Feel free to bid on an auction and then tell us who gets to take the ride. You can also just will it to your organization of choice and we'll let the lucky team pick who gets to ride. All riders must be at least 18 years old.

Please email officers@cmubuggy.org with any questions or concerns.

Finals Heats will be auctioned off LIVE at the BAA Buggy Bash!

Please send any suggestions, questions, and requests for clarification to officers@cmubuggy.org and we'll post resolutions to the news section
We are, of course extremely thankful to Sweepstakes for giving us the opportunity to use a spot in the lead truck to create this opportunity and to raise some money so that the Buggy Alumni Association can pursue its mission to support buggy.

Fine print details
All winning bids will be considered a gift to the Buggy Alumni Association. We have worked closely with the university to make sure that your gift to the BAA is also credited as a gift to Carnegie Mellon. Be assured that 100% of your gift will go to the Buggy Alumni Association. Also, if you're an alum celebrating a reunion, your gift to the BAA will be counted towards your class totals.
For tax recognition purposes the donor can only claim their gift amount above the Fair Market Value of the Ride Auction. The fair market value of the Buggy Alumni Association Ride Auction is $0.00. Only the amount of your donation above the fair market value of the EVENT is tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.
If two people specify the same maximum bid, and the auction ends without any higher bids, the person that entered their maximum bid first will be the winner.
The end time (9:00pm ET Thursday) is fixed. There will be no extensions to allow for last minute bids. Get your bids in early and make use of the max bid feature!
Any heats that get rained out or otherwise cancelled will just void the auction for those heats. Of course, if winners of cancelled heats want to make their donations anyway, we won't complain.
Winners should be present at the top of hill 2 at the end of the preceding heat. Failure to show up in a timely manner will result in forfeiting the ride. We can't be the cause of any delays, so the Buggy Alumni Association will have to be conservative in our estimation of "timely manner." Be there!
The Buggy Alumni Association and Sweepstakes reserve the right to refund donations from and refuse a ride to anyone that is drunk or otherwise unable to safely ride in the back of a truck.
No rides may violate Pennsylvania's laws concerning riding in a pickup truck. Basically this means the passenger must be over 18.
Sweepstakes also reserves the right to cancel rides and have the us refund donations if they need to for any reason.

More information at cmubuggy.org

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