Breakfast with the Bunny

Merton Auxiliary
March 2023
12:00 PM CST
April 2023
12:15 PM CDT
GOAL $24,000.00
68.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

Your donation means a great deal to us, it helps MCFD pay for needed equipment that is not affordable within the annual budget. We are using all of our proceeds this year to purchase a high pressure fire extinguishing system for MCFD’s rescue vehicle. This will add state of the art fire extinguishing capability and extend the functional life of this truck for another decade. Therefore, reducing the number of vehicles in the rescue fleet, decreasing maintenance costs and more efficiently get the necessary equipment to the citizens. When this upgrade is complete, this vehicle will be able to convey all of the car accident extrication equipment, the ice rescue equipment and the search/rescue drone equipment. We are hoping to reach our goal of $24,000 this year!

About Merton Auxiliary

The Merton Auxiliary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the Lake Country Area that was formed in 2018. We provide various services, education, CPR/AED training and fundraising activities to support Merton, North Lake and surrounding communities, including our Local Merton Community Fire Department.

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