Barrington AfterProm Silent Auction 2024

Barrington AfterProm
March 2024
09:00 AM EDT
April 2024
09:00 PM EDT
GOAL $10,000.00
78.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

Welcome to our Annual AfterProm Silent Auction Fundraiser. As you may or may not know ,this is our BIGGEST FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR. Our entire auction is available for online bidding. We hope that you will help spread the word by sharing our auction with friends and family so it's a huge success.

Please help us reach our goal. 100% of the money raised goes to fund and support Barrington High School AfterProm. We appreciate your support!

Join us to BID and SHOP our AMAZING AUCTION ONLINE from home anytime from 8AM MARCH 24TH TO 9PM APRIL 8TH. We have lots of amazing items to bid on, there’s something for everyone....Happy Bidding!!!

We want to thank all our generous donors who without their generosity & support this would not be possible. Thank you for helping to keep our longstanding Barrington tradition alive.

Barrington AfterProm is a 501(c)(3) organization, funded entirely by private donations from Barrington High School families, the community, and businesses.

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About Barrington AfterProm

Barrington AfterProm is the oldest after prom event in Rhode Island created in 2001 by two students concerned with the problems of the many house parties and drinking on prom night. As their senior project, it was their goal to provide a safe, no cost substance free, fun celebration at the high school instead of the dangerous drinking parties around town. Over the years, there have been many tragedies in Barrington as a result of teenage drinking which has served as the motivation behind our Barrington AfterProm organization. Barrington AfterProm is not support by BHS class dues.

This event has been providing a supervised, safe, substance free, post-prom celebration for 21 years, keeping students, as well as the entire community safe on a high-risk night. Upon entering each student is given a breathalyzer test to gain admission, after successfully completing the test, they are checked in, parents are notified of their arrival and doors are secured. We have incredible raffle and grand prizes that every student is eligible to win, this encourages the students to want to stay until the event ends. This event is chaperoned by many volunteers, school faculty, local police and fire departments.

This event is free to all students and their guests and runs from 11:30 PM to 6 AM with the goal of keeping everyone entertained, and at the event, until 6AM. Every year Barrington High School is completely transformed into an exciting theme where we engage the students in activities and entertainment. This year’s theme is "Sail Away”. The event includes a variety of activities, food and entertainment - Casino, a DJ, Hypnotist, Card Readers, Henna Artists, Photo Booth, Inflatables, Games, Raffle Prizes and much more. The event is created and managed by hundreds of volunteers and requires us to plan and raise funds from parents, community members, and businesses on a year round basis.

Since 2001 attendance has been 92% or more of the senior class attending AfterProm! Many students volunteer their time to help when they are underclassman so their excitement for AfterProm starts early on. The student’s excitement is evident by the fact that some students do not attend the prom but do attend AfterProm.

Barrington AfterProm could not be a success without the dedication and support of our local police and fire departments, school faculty, donations from the community and businesses as well as 100’s of volunteers who work tirelessly thought the entire year.

Barrington AfterProm is a 501(c)(3) organization, funded entirely by private donations from Barrington High School families, the community, and businesses.

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