BIS Hoedown 2022

Birkdale Intermediate School
September 2022
09:00 AM NZST
September 2022
09:33 PM NZST
GOAL $5,000.00
84.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

We dream of an environment that reflects the diversity of our wonderful community and our families. We imagine a variety of gardens that are well cared for, weed-free, and are a source of pride for the school. We envisage vegetable gardens, a paharakeke, lots of fruit trees, flower gardens, and a plot specifically for growing rongoa Maori.

We want to give our students a hands-on gardening experience and provide an opportunity for them to make a practical difference to their environment as well as learn about conservation, revegetation, and restoration as well as demonstrate environmental care. We want our students to look around at our school environment and feel proud of who they are, where they are, and what they have achieved.

About Birkdale Intermediate School

Our school environment is what potential new families see when they first come to Birkdale Intermediate School, so our landscape should represent the amazing care and attention given to detail and the superior opportunities in education that we provide. This year, we are focused on improving 'Our School Environment'.

As a school, we are proud of the changes we have made to our environment so far but as we have discovered, planting requires a lot of materials and the costs very quickly add up! We are asking you to please help us to bring our vision to life and make our school environment a place that our kids deserve.

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