Paws and Pathways!

Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital
May 2024
05:00 PM EDT
May 2024
11:45 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The Academy of Veterinary Sciences at Beachside High School provides high school students the opportunity to intensely investigate future college and professional career pathways within the field of Veterinary Science. Through hands-on experiences, relevant academic knowledge, and work-based learning students will graduate ready to successfully enter the workforce as Certified Veterinary Assistants. This Auction will support the financial needs of the academy and provide necessary training tools and equipment for the students and teachers.

About Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital

Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital proudly serves on the Advisory Board of Directors of the Beachside High School Veterinary Academy. As the academy is ending its second year, the school and students are in need of new equipment and training materials for the next stage of their education. Please help Beachside High School in raising the funds necessary to purchase equipment such as Microscopes, CPR Canines, Materials for their Doggy Day Care & Chicken Coop Project, and more!

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