Fundraiser for The International Rescue Commitee

Bellydancers Unite for Ukraine
April 2022
At Midnight PDT
May 2022
01:00 AM PDT

About Our Auction

Donated online content will be auctioned over a two day (48 hour) period. Winners will make a donation in their winning amount directly to the International Rescue Committee. This enables the winner to receive the tax benefit as permitted by their location. The winner will send proof of donation by way of their receipt to the auction administrator, who will then provide the email of the donor; the donor will then communicate directly with the winner, giving the link to the offering or provide information required for online access.
While the currency listed is US Dollars, since the auction will be open globally and payment will be made directly to the IRC, each winner will pay in their domestic currency the value of their winning bid in US Dollars. PLEASE CHECK THE EXCHANGE RATE for your country's currency to US Dollars before bidding so you understand the amount you are offering; YOU ARE BIDDING IN US DOLLARS dollars on the auction site regardless of your location.
DONATIONS MUST BE MADE TO THE IRC WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE CLOSE OF THE AUCTION. If proof of donation is not provided to within that time frame, the item will then go the second highest bidder. Should that bidder also fail to make payment within a week of their notification that they are the winner, then the third highest bidder will be deemed the winner -- and so on, and so forth. If you have any questions about this, email the administrator BEFORE you bid.

About Bellydancers Unite for Ukraine

I am creating this online auction with amazing donations from amazing dancers around the globe, with the proceeds going directly to the International Rescue Committee. This is a well-known non-profit who has been 'boots on the ground' in Ukraine since the start of the invasion. In addition 87 cents of every US dollar goes out in to the field -- a very high statistic for any non-profit. Last, to confirm it would be a good choice, I was in contact with Julia Farid (herself Ukrainian) and it was one of the two she recommended.

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