British Croatian Society Annual Dinner 2022

British Croatian Society
November 2022
At Midnight GMT
November 2022
10:15 PM GMT

About Our Auction

We are raising funds for the Humanitarian Organisation Duga - Vukovar - www.
Duga Vukovar was founded back in 2013 and has had a long tradition of workshops, programs and projects that would engage the most vulnerable members of our society, be it through education, financial support or by providing a place to enjoy some much-needed friendly company while expressing ones' creativity. Duga Vukovar exists to remind us that there are still many who have not been able to live their full potential.

About British Croatian Society

The British-Croatian Society is an apolitical, independent registered charity whose objectives are to foster the development of good and friendly relations between the peoples of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Croatia and in particular to promote a better understanding and appreciation of Croatia in Britain.
The formal powers, which are available to the Society to enable it to achieve these objectives, are set out in the Memorandum of Association. The principles ones being as follows:
Advance cultural exchanges and activities between and within the two countries;
Arrange meetings, courses, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other artistic or educational activities in both countries;
The Trustees and Committee Members of the Society are responsible for realising the Society's objectives.

The Patrons assist in achieving these objects by supporting the Society through goodwill, appearing at Society functions and generally promoting the Society whenever this is appropriate and convenient.

The Society also raises funds from time to time for charity projects in Croatia.

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