Indian Cricket/F1 Memorabilia

August 2020
02:00 PM BST
August 2020
03:00 PM BST

About Our Auction

Bharat Army has been supporting the AWARE Foundation for many years now.
Due to these unprecedented times, charities have suffered hugely as fundraising events have not been able to take place.
AWARE continues to support so many families and children during this time, many of whom sole rely on them for food and shelter, so these funds are needed more than ever.

About The AWARE Foundation

AWARE gives disadvantaged and vulnerable children in India the right to an education, reaching out to children in deprived communities throughout India by using education as a way of transforming their lives for the better. 
We also provide street/runaway children and orphans with a protected childhood so that they can go on to make well-informed decisions in life.

AWARE continues to provide support during this time from our project in Dang, which is one of the poorest districts in India. The team have been preparing food parcels for local families, who queue each week to collect them, without this, many families simply wouldn't have survived during this time. We are also still accommodating and looking after some children who are either orphans or children of sex workers, who do not have a home/or safe place to go to.

Without fundraising from our events this year, we need to raise funds to continue the vital work AWARE provides to so many children and families, especially at this unprecedented time.

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