Authors for Abortion Access

Authors for Abortion Access
July 2022
10:00 AM EDT
July 2022
12:03 AM EDT

About Our Auction

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs, overturning the Constitutional right to an abortion, over twenty states have acted to bar pregnant people from obtaining abortions. For these people, quick and safe access to abortion is a matter of life and death. Organizers have created local, state, regional, and national networks to aid pregnant people in finding not only abortion procedures, but also lodging, transportation, and other support. Each of these networks and funds are doing incredible work in mobilizing to respond to critical needs, and each one is deserving of support. However, in the interest of keeping this fundraiser streamlined, we are asking auction winners to donate to one of two national organizations that distributes grants and funding to on the ground organizations.

National Network of Abortion Funds Collective Power Fund. The National Network of Abortion Funds maintains a specific Collective Power Fund that is used solely to provide grants to abortion funds that need it most. The CPF concentrates on funds located in the South and Midwest of the US, where restrictions on abortions are most severe. However the CPF also distributes money to other abortion funds as needed, including ones that may see increased need to support out-of-state patients. We chose the CPF because donations go directly to grassroots funds to support their communities.

Keep Our Clinics. Independent abortion clinics provide 2/3 of abortions in the US, but often are unable to mobilize the same funding support as larger organizations like Planned Parenthood. These clinics are often targeted by hostile state governments seeking to close their doors, with over a hundred independent clinics closing their doors in 2021. Funds raised through Keep Our Clinics are distributed to independent clinics to assist with improving safety measures (as clinics are often targeted for violence by anti-choice groups), providing staff with PPE, and offsetting legal/compliance costs.

About Authors for Abortion Access

We are science fiction and fantasy authors raising money for abortion funds and independent abortion clinics. This auction was organized by R.F. Kuang and Vaishnavi Patel.

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