2020 Fundraising

ArtMax Academy
October 2020
At Midnight PDT
October 2020
08:00 PM PDT

About Our Auction

You can support ArtMax programs through our online auction! We will feature great items which are donated to ArtMax by our wonderful supporters. You can view each item and its specs through the convenience of online bidding.

If you have any questions about any item, send your email to info@artmax.org until 5 pm FRIDAY OCTOBER 16.

About ArtMax Academy

The mission of ArtMax Academy (ArtMax) is to promote world music, arts, and languages. ArtMax will facilitate education, study, preservation, and performance of various forms of music, dance, and other artistic endeavors, as well as world languages and utilize multicultural performance venues to facilitate cross-cultural bonds between individuals and ethnic groups. ArtMax has no political or religious affiliation and exclusively concentrates on the mission stated above.

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