Auction for Desi, our Artists' Muse & Model

Artwork Auction for Desi
November 2018
09:00 AM EST
November 2018
11:12 PM EST

About Our Auction

About Desi
Desi Steward has been a creative and inspiring figure in the The Art League community for 10+ years. And he has touched the hearts, creative minds, and lives of those around him in ways even he couldn't have imagined. All done with the Desi charisma, humor, and wit that we have all come to know and love.

Cause for Concern
Several weeks ago Desi was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He has started his journey towards recovery. He does and will need the continued support of his friends to continue this journey.

We Can Help
Those who have had a family member or friend who has been touched by cancer, knows the extremely stressful and draining financial burden it carries. Desi is currently carrying the weight of the day-to-day expenses and the significant amount of medical expenses that is not covered by his insurance. But he doesn't have to carry this burden alone because we are here to help him with it.

How To Help
So many of you have expressed your interest in assisting Desi. In response, we, his community of friends, are launching this online art auction to help Desi with his ongoing daily expenses and mounting medical costs. We want to leverage your shared artistic energy to support and pay tribute to Desi—who has been the artist's muse for so many of us!

Ready, Set, Bid!
Thank you to all of the generous artists that have donated their beautiful artwork for this auction to support of Desi. We welcome all of your bids and contributions—all of the proceeds will go directly to help Desi!

If you would like to send Desi an email and words of encouragement, please feel free to do so at

About Artwork Auction for Desi

Desi is an art model at The Art League

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