Anchors & Lore Online Auction

March 2021
08:00 AM EST
March 2021
07:03 PM EST
GOAL $5,000.00
72.8% To Goal

About Our Auction

Every year, the Anchors & Lore Auction helps Anchor Scholarship Foundation with much needed scholarship dollars. The items are donated by organizations and individuals in the communities of San Diego, CA and Hampton Roads, VA, and 100% of the proceeds from the auction go toward helping Surface Navy families with the tremendous cost of higher education. Our goal this year is to raise over $5,000 on auction items, and with YOUR help, we can do this!! Please bid often and bid high to help Surface Navy families.

About Anchor Scholarship Foundation

Anchor Scholarship Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) organization that supports the largest community within the U.S. Navy -- the Surface Navy. We invest in U.S. Surface Navy families through higher education scholarships. We believe that the burden of significant student loans is one that no military family should have and through our scholarship program, work to alleviate this challenge. We distribute over $100,000 a year with funds donated to us from individuals and corporate partners to dependents (spouse and children) of U.S. Surface Navy sailors.

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