NOA Art Auction for Amy's House

Night of Artists
March 2022
09:00 AM MST
March 2022
09:33 PM MDT
GOAL $7,500.00
125.1% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Amy's House provides cancer patients and their families a "Home Away From Home" while they go through their cancer treatments at Edmonton's Cross Cancer Institute.
Amy Alain passed away February 22nd, 2019 after battling lung cancer for just over a year. Amy made it a mission to help others and started the campaign Lunges for Lung Cancer awareness. For 8 months she did lunges to raise awareness of the seriousness of lung cancer and how it does not only affect those who smoke. Even in the last month of her life she continued to do lunges from her hospital room.
One of Amy's wishes was to set up a home for out of town people who are going through cancer treatments. So many times she sat and talked with people while getting her treatments who drove hours daily just to receive radiation or chemo therapy treatments then have to return home just to do the drive all over again the next day feeling so ill from the cancer already and now coping with the side effects of the treatments.
Amy’s House was the realization of Amy’s Dream and is a place of comfort for patients and family members to help ease their emotional and physical discomfort while they carry on with their personal journey battling cancer.

The NOA Art Auction brings Amy's art community together to help raise funds for the home - 50% of the proceeds will donated directly to Amy's House to help cover expenses and continue to provide this important service to cancer patients and their families. The other 50% goes to support the Night of Artists artists who did so much for the Alain family during their toughest days and will always be an extended part of the Alain family.

About Night of Artists

In 1997 Phil Alain rented a small community hall in the city of St. Albert, set up all his artwork around the perimeter of the room, had a friend play piano, his sister sing, and food and drinks were provided in a party like atmosphere to a small but supportive crowd of 150 people. The event was a hit and Alain was able to show and promote his artwork in a new and exciting way. From that day forward Night of Artists was born and as of 2019 Night of Artists has been featured across Canada in over 250 events​ and the annual event now receives over 3000 guests over a three day festival
Night of Artists is designed as an opportunity for artists to showcase their artworks with other artists through a fun and exciting event that appeals to the masses. The idea behind the show is based on collaboration and team work. Thus the shows success for over 22 years has been a reflection of community coming together in support of the arts.

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