ETW Amma Inspired Art Auction

Embracing the World
April 2024
11:45 PM EDT
May 2024
11:45 PM EDT
GOAL $360,000.00
46.8% To Goal

ETW Amma Inspired Art Auction

**Experience the transformative power of art made with love and blessed by Amma while supporting Amma's mission of Love and service.**

Welcome to the inaugural Embracing the World (ETW) Amma Blessed Art Auction—a sacred gathering of creativity, compassion, and divine grace.

The ETW Amma Inspired Art Auction is a collective group of artists coming together to do our part by offering our art to support Amma's charitable network, Embracing the World.

In a world increasingly defined by social distance and artificial intelligence, humanity risks losing touch with our hearts, our humanity, and the profound connection we share with each other and the arts. One of our goals is to spread Amma's teaching of love, compassion and service aligned with the eternal values of Sanatana Dharma while nurturing the connection to the Divine in our hearts through sharing art and the divine essence inherent in art.

Over 108 talented artists from over 18 diverse countries, including renowned actress & artist Sharon Stone, have come together to unite their time, talent and creative energies in support of Amma's mission of love and service.

Amma, (which means Mother), also known as "the Hugging Saint", has dedicated every breath of her life to sharing and teaching love, peace, and compassion. Amma, (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) has traveled the world for more than 35 years, embracing, transforming and inspiring more than 40 million people to live a life of love, compassion and service. Amma's outreach extends to a global volunteer-based humanitarian movement called Embracing the World which helpsalleviate the burden of the poor and suffering.

In our ETW Auctions, every bid is a prayer for others in need to be taken care of, a gesture of your love and gratitude to Amma for taking care of them, and an action step towards helping her taking care of them. Let's let Love win! Unlike conventional worldly auctions, where strategic bidding is often reserved until the last moment, here, every bid is an act of pure-hearted generosity and an expression of our gratitude for Amma's work to uplift the poor and needy.

Each painting in this auction has been personally blessed by Amma, imbuing it with divine healing energy. After viewing and blessing each artwork shown in the Amritapuri exhibits, Amma spoke at length about the profound nature of art, emphasizing that it originates from the divine and serves as a channel for the divine to manifest through us. With Amma's blessings, these paintings become not only works of art from the heart but also sacred vessels, carrying the essence of divine love and grace to all who get to see them.

We invite you to explore our Divine Masterpieces Collection—a curated selection of high-ticket items chosen for their exceptional craftsmanship and spiritual resonance.

Elevate your space and your spirit with these remarkable treasures, knowing that your investment not only enriches your life but also supports Amma's noble mission of love and service.

While embarking on this enchanting journey of art with us, you can explore our Instagram @ammablessedartauction—a vibrant hub where art and inspiration collide.

Enjoy captivating videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and fascinating stories about the artists and their creations. Hopefully our feed will ignite your imagination and deepen your connection to the divine through experiencing the transformative power of art.

The ETW Auction is a virtual sanctuary where hearts converge into the river of devotion and action, united by our shared love for Amma and the profound beauty and healing of artistic expression.

Participate from anywhere in the world. As Amma said, "In love, distance fades away," especially when we are sending Amma's Love out to all over the world through these paintings blessed by her. Your home will have a tangible piece of Amma in it, specially blessed for you.

To place a bid of love, register on the site by clicking on 'create account'. This will show up as soon as you select any item. Once you create an account, you need to be logged in to bid on an item. There are two types of bids in this auction: exact bid and proxy bid. An exact bid is executed at the time you enter the bid and just needs RI be higher than the last bid. A proxy bid lets you set the highest amount you are willing to pay and the continues to automatically bid until that number is reached. No need to keep checking the site with a proxy bid. You will get an email notification only if that highest limit is reached. With exact bids, you get a notification every time you are outbid.

As the auction draws to a close on May 18th at 11:45pm EST, the ripples of love you've set in motion through your bids to support Amma's charities will continue to touch lives and share Amma's blessings.

Through Embracing the World's compassionate projects, every penny you give directly transforms lives—providing sustenance, clothing, homes, and medical care to those in need. Visit to explore the myriad ways Amma's love manifests. Your presence, your bids, and your love illuminate our shared journey.

All pricing and bidding is in US Dollars. Payments can be made with any major credit card. We will endeavour to deliver your item to you anywhere in the world, as soon as reasonably possible after the auction officially closes at 11:45pm EST, May 18th.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions.

If your want to chat or want more updates, you been also join our ETW Amma Blessed Art Auction WhatsApp group:

Thank you so much for supporting ETW through your participation in this auction.

Embracing the World (ETW)

Embracing the World (ETW) is a global network of regional humanitarian organizations, inspired by the India-based humanitarian initiatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Embracing the World exists to alleviate the burden of the world’s poor through helping to meet each of their five basic needs — food, shelter, healthcare, education, and livelihood — wherever and whenever possible. We are especially focused on helping to meet these needs in the aftermath of major disasters.

Augmenting these efforts, we work in the fields of environmental conservation and sustainability, to protect the future of our fragile planet. Through Amrita University (, our researchers are innovating new means of delivery of goods, knowledge, information, energy and healthcare.

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