Amanda Todd Legacy Auction 2023 - #Caring4others

Amanda Todd Legacy Society
October 2023
08:00 AM PDT
October 2023
08:19 PM PDT
GOAL $25,000.00
109.8% REACHED!

About Our Auction

This legacy was established as a non-profit society with the mission goal of focusing on awareness and the well-being of young people and families with respect to prevention, resources and awareness related to cyberbullying, exploitation/sextortion, online safety and wellness.

Through generous donations and contributions by caring supporters, Amanda’s Legacy continues to reach for the stars (snowflakes) and meet our goals. The legacy endeavours to empower youth and even their parents in order to provide trust and confidence to make a difference in not only their own lives but the lives of others.

We as a worldly team will continue to come together to make THE differences we all want to make. With your help in this auction, we thank you in advance for being on TEAM AMANDA!!

The goal for 2023-24 is to raise $25,000 to start an endowment at Capilano University for students in the Music Therapy Program. Music surrounds us and gives us calm. Amanda loved the music she both listened to and created. It is an important goal to establish this endowment in her memory so that others can pursue careers in Music Therapy to help others.

UPDATES - On August 6, 2022, Aydin Coban (an extradited Dutch National from the Netherlands) was found GUILTY on all five of charges laid ~ exploitation, criminal harassment, luring and two charges of child pornography. He was sentenced to a Canadian prison sentence of 13 years on October 15, 2022 in BC Supreme Court.

On June 29, 2023, Aydin Coban appeared before Dutch Courts for a hearing to determine how much of the Canadian sentence would be added to his existing Dutch sentence for which he is currently serving.

On July 13, 2023 a final sentencing judgement was to be made by the Dutch courts but sadly it didn't happen as additional information from Canada was needed. So now we wait again ....

October 10, 2023 will mark the 11th year since Amanda's passing. The non-profit society in her name will be holding the 7th Annual Amanda Todd Legacy Online Auction (from Oct 1 to 14th).

December 7, 2023 - Hearing for Aydin Coban related to the conversion of the Canadian prison sentence he received to Dutch time.

We thank you for your continued support of Amanda's Legacy and wish you happy bidding. New items will continue to be added up to the start time of the auction. There may also be new items during the auction, so keep checking back!

If you would like to make a CASH DONATION, these can made via PayPal through the Amanda Todd Legacy website. Or you can send an etransfer to

Thank you again!!!

About Amanda Todd Legacy Society

The Amanda Todd Legacy is a non-profit society that focuses on awareness, preventions and resources related to cyberbullying, exploitation, online safety and positive mental health. The Legacy is focussed on educating and supporting and encourages #Caring4others.

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